Buko Mango Iced Candy


Buko Mango Iced Candy

These frozen pops filled with shredded coconut and mango make a great #Wellnessized treat for kids of all ages in hot summer days.
  • 12-14
  • Cook Time: N/A
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes plus 4 hours to freeze ice candy


For pandan water:
3 pieces pandan leaves tied into a knot
1 liter water

For ice candy:
2 cups of ripe mango meat, chopped
2 cups buko meat, chopped
2 cups buko juice
1 cup mango juice
1 cup BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink
½ cup sugar or pandan water


  1. To prepare pandan water, boil pandan leaves in water for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and leave pandan to steep in the water while allowing the mixture to cool. Set aside.
  2. When water is cold enough to handle, remove pandan leaves and discard. Transfer water to a bowl. Mix the rest of the ice candy ingredients.
  3. Taste to adjust sweetness as needed. Transfer on individual ice candy plastic containers. Freeze for 4 hours or until ice candy is frozen.


Carbohydrates: 15 g
Protein: 5 g
Fats: 9 g
Calories: 157 kcal


Desserts and sweets are part of a healthy diet. Adults can east 4-8 tsp of sugar and its equivalent daily. One serving of this iced candy provides 1 serving of sugar.


BEAR BRAND has nutrients like iron, zinc, and vitamin C which help build resistance.